Seltec Sales Corporation

withStanding the test of time.

Seltec Sales Corporation is a Manufacturer's Representative Firm, founded in 1970 by Mr. Bernie Ekland. Under Mr. Ekland, Seltec experienced a great deal of growth. Mr. Ekland passed away in 1988. Since that time Seltec has continued to expand its market share and is a leading manufacturers' representative in this area.

Our sales force currently consists of 5 outside representatives and 3 inside representatives strategically located to help service our customer and principals throughout our territory. Our Main Office is located in Cedar Rapids, IA. We also have offices located in Missouri and Kansas.

In 1999, Seltec Sales Corporation formed an alliance with L-Tech Marketing located in St. Louis, Missouri. This alliance was formed to aid in servicing a growing territory for all principals currently under contract to both Seltec Sales and L-Tech Marketing.

In 2000, Mike Long and L-Tech Marketing agreed to change the name of L-Tech Marketing to Seltec Sales Corporation.

Territorial responsibility for Seltec Sales presently includes the states of: Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.

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