Seltec Sales Corporation

American opto plus

​Visible LED's and LED Arrays, IR Phototransistors

recom power

​DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Converters, Switching Regulators




GSM / GPRS, UMTS / HSPA, LTE Modules, GPS / GNSS Modules


Serial Connectivity - Switches, Bridges, Display Interface, Power Management, MUXs, UARTs, and Frequency Control Products

tdk corporation of america

Surface Mount Inductors, Protection Devices, Inductors/EMC Filters, Ferrites and Accessories, MLCC Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic and Film Capacitors, Sensors and Sensor Systems


Client Side and Enterprise Solid-State Disk Drives, Secure Digital Cards, MicroSD Cards, USB Flash Drives, eMMC embedded NAND

Pegasus wireless Products

​Solutions for M2M Communications


PC Boards, Membrane Keypads, Rubber Keypads/Products, Injection Moldings, Metal Fabrication, Cable Assemblies, EMS


AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supplies, Fuses, MagJacks

​renata batteries

Primary and Secondary Lithium Coin Cells & Accessories, Lithium Polymer Packs


Terminal Blocks, Rail-Mounted Electronic Modules, Terminal Strips, Tab and Solder Connectors

orient display

​Standard Character and Graphics LCD Modules, TFT Displays up to 15", Custom LCD Solutions, Resistive and Capacitive Touch Screen

CTS Corporation

heat sinks/thermal management solutions, position sensors, potentiometers, encoders, quartz crystals and oscillators, RF & Timing modules, piezoelectric ceramic components, ceramic filters, duplexers & resonators

Diodes, Inc.

MOSFETs, Protection Devices, Gate drivers, Power Management, LED Drivers, Sensors, Logic, Motor Controllers, Audio Solutions.

m/a-com technology solutions

RF & Microwave Components and Assemblies (amplifiers, antennas, attenuators, diodes, limiters, mixers & modulators, passive products, switches)