​hisonic (a Division of Gowanda)

Custom magnetic products for both Military and Commercial (transformers, inductors, chokes and filters

​GOWANDA Components Group

​GCP affiliates: Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, Butler Winding, Communication Coil, HiSonic, TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits and INSTEC Filters 

Areas of expertise include magnetic devices, specialty filters and custom-designs.  These products enhance the performance and reliability of electronic systems in space flight, aerospace, commercial, communication, defense and medical applications.


PCB mount terminal blocks and other specialty connectivity products including terminal blocks, rail mounted electronic modules, terminal strips, tab and solder connectors, and grounding and ceramic terminal blocks



EMC Products, EMI / RFI filters, trimmer and disc capacitors


high quality switches, encoders, and illuminated indicator products for industrial, commercial and military applications. The Electroswitch line of quality products is complemented by the company’s proven ability and willingness to modify and custom designed switches and related products for virtually any application.

  • CTI(Affiliate of Electroswitch) 

    • ​​human machine interface (HMI) devices that withstand extreme operating temperature ranges, are sealed from exposure to harsh contaminants, and resistant to hazardous chemical and biological materials. CTI products include These lines of commercial off the shelf (COTS) HMI devices built in our factory include industrial keyboards, mouse pointing devices, industrial analog joysticks, aerospace grade trackballs, analog/digital motion controllers, and NEMA 4 (IP66) sealing momentary switches.

​​Electrical and optical connectivity in communications, military, industrial and transportation markets for data and energy

​kemet electronics

Tantalum, Ceramic, Film, Paper, Aluminum and Electrolytic Capacitors, Supercapacitors, Electromechanical devices (EMD's) including signal relays, Electromagnetic compatibility devices (EMC's): flex suppressor sheets, EMI cores, metal composite inductors and AC line filters

m/a-com technology solutions

Silicon and GaAs semiconductor diodes, RF mixers, switches, attenuators, transformers, Bipolar and GaN Power Transistors

intel psg

CPLD's, FPGA's, Hard Copy Structured ASIC's, Enpirion Power SOC solutions

dri - company of sti group

​Electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices

COBHAM Sensor Systems

Electronic Warfare antennas - jammers, radar warning, direction finding (DF), and SIGNET

​CNI antennas - LOS Communications, DataLinks, SATCOM, GPS, IFF and TACAN

Radar antennas - fire control, weather, synthetic aperture

Radomes and Advanced Composites

Sensor and Antenna Positioning Systems

Rotating Electromechanical Subsystems, composite products, microwave and mmWave multi-function assemblies

CTS Corporation

Variable resistors, trimmers, potentiometers, resistor networks, rotary and DIP switches, crystal surface mount components and service, oscillators, monoblock ceramic filters

Seltec Sales Corporation