​CPLD's, FPGA's, Hard Copy Structured ASIC's, Enpirion Power SOC solutions


Tantalum, Ceramic, Film, Paper, Aluminum and Electrolytic Capacitors, Supercapacitors, Electromechanical devices (EMD's) including signal relays, Electromagnetic compatibility devices (EMC's): flex suppressor sheets, EMI cores, metal composite inductors and AC line filters

Wireless, Network, Automotive and Power products including antennas, filters, chokes, coils, transformers and connectors

​​Resistors, Capacitors, Circuit Protection Components


Winbond produces semiconductors and several types of integrated circuits, most notably Dynamic RAM, Static RAM, microcontrollers, and personal computer ICs, namely Super I/O chips. Winbond is currently the largest brand name integrated circuit supplier in Taiwan, and one of the biggest suppliers of semiconductor solutions worldwide.

Antennas - EW, RADAR, communication

Radomes and Advanced Composites

Sensor and Antenna Positioning Systems

Rotating Electromechanical Subsystems, composite products, microwave and mmWave multi-function assemblies

Cable products


AC/DC and DC/DC converters, Switching Regulators, LED Drivers


Airborne & Ground antennas, Cable Assemblies, Motion Control, Waveguide, Rotary Joints

PCB mount terminal blocks and other specialty connectivity products including terminal blocks, rail mounted electronic modules, terminal strips, tab and solder connectors, and grounding and ceramic terminal blocks

Current transducers, Voltage Transducers, Multifunction Transducers, Energy Meters


​​Electrical and optical connectivity in communications, military, industrial and transportation markets for data and energy

Variable resistors, trimmers, potentiometers, resistor networks, rotary and DIP switches, crystal surface mount components and service, oscillators, monoblock ceramic filters, EMC EMI RF filters, trimmer and disc capacitors

Diodes, RF Power Transistors, MMICS, Optical Semiconductors


​High quality switches, encoders, and illuminated indicator products for industrial, commercial and military applications

​​Human machine interface, keyboards, mouse, industrial joysticks, aerospace trackballs

RF PC Board Laminate, prepreg, metal backed pcb, flex board material, high speed digital pcb material


​RF Power Amplifiers

​​​GCP affiliates: Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, Butler Winding, Communication Coil, HiSonic, TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits and INSTEC Filters 

Areas of expertise include magnetic devices, specialty filters and custom-designs.  These products enhance the performance and reliability of electronic systems in space flight, aerospace, commercial, communication, defense and medical applications.  Custom magnetic products for Military and Commercial (transformers, inductors, chokes and filters